For many years, the subject of software maintenance has been crucial and must question the way we produce durable, reliable and robust software. Obtaining quality software implies the implementation of the following triptych: better specification, better development and better testing. Today, agile teams are increasingly structured to meet this need.

During this webinar, our partner All4Testpresents as an introduction their approach to the topics “better specify” and “better test”.

Part of good development is producing sustainable and scalable source code. Teams of developers strive daily to follow good practices as much as possible to standardize the code and facilitate its maintenance. These are often numerous and poorly documented, which hinders their dissemination.

Given the diversity of profiles in a technical team (experience, field of expertise, etc.) and the hazards of any project (turnover, etc.), managing to centralise and disseminate good practices in a sustainable way proves to be a complex challenge. However, capitalising on the knowledge of each person in a team would boost the continuous improvement process and raise the overall technical level of a team.

In this webinar, we present an approach to achieve this objective of disseminating development practices. This approach is divided into 3 steps:

Define: Define and document good practices, and centralise them in a shared repository.

Exchange: Create workshops based on a source code, invite each person to identify areas where good practice is not being followed, and how this can be remedied.

Disseminate: Share previous work and identify areas for improvement and work to harmonise development practices.

This approach has been implemented in the Themis solution developed by ProMyze. Thanks to Themis, we will offer you a concrete implementation and the benefits you can derive from it: strengthening team cohesion, facilitating interaction on technical subjects, transmitting knowledge, and of course producing a better quality code.

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