Promyze, the trailblazing platform revolutionizing knowledge sharing and coding practices for development teams, today announced the close of its $1M seed funding round. This milestone achievement is backed by a prestigious roster of accomplished entrepreneurs who recognize Promyze’s transformative potential in the Developer Enablement market.

Unlike traditional knowledge-sharing tools like Confluence, Notion, or Q&A forums such as StackOverflow, Promyze leverages AI to offer an innovative approach tailored to developers’ specific contexts. With real-time feedback integrated directly into IDEs and during the code review process, the platform empowers tech leads and developers to seamlessly adopt and share best coding practices.

Promyze’s mission has always been clear: to champion knowledge sharing and best coding practices across teams, organizations, and communities. This funding enables us to execute on our vision to be the premier hub where development teams refine their craft and enhance engineering performance,” said Laurent Py, CEO at Promyze.

The Developer Enablement market, wherein Promyze operates, is forecasted to reach $640 million by 2023, growing at 30% CAGR. Given its unique value proposition and rapid adoption rate, Promyze is poised to capture a significant portion of this dynamic market.

Founders Cedric Teyton and Arthur Magne have taken Promyze from concept to a profitable venture. “Their dedication and vision have been instrumental in establishing Promyze’s foothold. With this fresh capital, we’re excited to accelerate our roadmap and deepen our AI investment” added Laurent Py.

The ultimate goal? “To empower every engineering manager and tech lead to elevate their teams, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and continuous learning to improve engineering performance,” according to Cedric Teyton.

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