Create your own best practices

While coding in your IDE or during a code review, benefit from the Promyze extensions to identify best coding practices

Identify or create best practices in your IDE

You can suggest a best practice on any source code file. Target the topics that matter to your team (Architecture, Security, Performance, ReactJS, …). Identify whether it’s a positive or negative example, whether it follows or not the practice.

Identify best practices during a code review

Don’t repeat yourself in the next code review. Promyze suggests you create or document a best practice during a code review. The surrounding source code will be sent to Promyze and presented during the next Craft Workshop with your team.

Highlight your refactorings and fixes of bad practices

When you identify a piece of code that can be improved, identify a negative example for a best practice first. Modify this code to improve it. Right-click again to indicate that the new version of the code is a suggestion to fix the bad practice. 

The negative tag and its associated correction will be presented at the next Craft Workshop. Thus, developers can show the improvements they made to the code.

Raise questions or topics to be discussed

The Submit topic/question mode offered by the Promyze plugins makes sense to show your team a refactoring, ask feedback or questions, or anything else. During the workshop, you’ll be able to create best practices from these questions.
Ask questions with Promyze

Get notification in your communication tools

Get notifications from Promyze directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost and Discord. You’ll be notified when users perform the following actions:

  • A positive or negative example has been identified on a best practice;
  • A correction to a negative example has been suggested;
  • A question/discussion topic has been raised;
  • A battle has been started.

Send code directly to a Craft Workshop

You can send a complete file or only a piece of code to a Craft Workshop so that the team can identify good or bad practices on it.

It allows you to highlight files containing best practices that you would like to present to the rest of the team or, on the contrary, to share code that could be improved.

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