Get automatic feedback on your code

Promyze supports Semgrep patterns and regular expressions to detect when best practices are followed or not. You determine whether or not a best practice can be detected through syntactic recognition. 

Enjoy the Promyze CLI to scan your code base during a CI/CD pipeline or locally.

Get suggestions while coding

Based on the line of code you are writing, Promyze prompts notifications directly in your code editor if it detects that some best practices are not applied. You can access the whole practice description then.

Install the IDE plugins for free

Get suggestions while reviewing code

Thanks to the code review plugins, your pull/merge requests are decorated to embed automatic suggestions, indicating whether some best practices are followed or not, and where. You can generate textual comments from these suggestions, which include the name and a link to the description.

Customize your automatic suggestions

Promyze provides a dedicated dashboard to handle automatic suggestions. It displays statistics on the number of suggestions sent to your developers.

You can visualize which practices have regular expressions enabled, and easily disable the suggestions engine for the practices that can’t be detected.

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