Up to 50% of team time is spent asking or answering questions!

Ineffective knowledge sharing decreases team productivity

Each developer wastes between 6 and 13 hours a week looking for answers to their questions

Each developer spends between 5 and 11 hours per week answering questions from others

Source: Developer Survey 2022 (StackOverflow )

Using Promyze to share knowledge

Without Promyze

With Promyze

Time saved for the teams

On average 70 hours are spent per month per developer asking and answering questions. Promyze makes it possible to structure this knowledge sharing in a much more efficient way. By reducing by 1/4 the time spent by the teams to share this knowledge, Promyze allows an average gain of 17 hours per month per developer.

Low integration cost

1. Create your organization in 1 minute on our Cloud or On Premise version (start here)

2. Each user installs the IDE / code reviews plugins from the IDE and their browsers marketplaces

3. Each team member is ready to identify practices (a few minutes per month)

4. The first Craft Workshop (1h) can take place a few weeks after the start

5. That’s it!

They trust Promyze

Start connecting developers' knowledge with Promyze

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