Accelerate the onboarding of new developers

Reduce the time needed for a new developer to be familiar with your best coding practices. Value your knowledge base to create interactive learning challenges

Select a topic for the Discovery Workshop

Pick a subset of practices on the topic of your choice. Ex: The top 10 most important practices for your team, security practices, architecture practices, testing practices, React practices, etc. Choose among the practices validated during the Craft Workshops.

A new developer onboarding experience

Newcomers discover your team’s practices by identifying them in the source code of your best practices documentation. It helps to get familiar with your teams’ technical decisions, and will guide your technical leaders on what to focus

Your best practices in your tools

Integrated into your IDE and during a code review, find all your practices’ documentation whenever you need them. Don’t switch to another tool; stay focused on your work. Include your practices in your code review comment instead of writing it again!

Start connecting developers' knowledge with Promyze

Best coding practices shared from IDEs & Code reviews

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