Share practices with your team during a Craft Workshop

Bring developers’ expertises together in a knowledge-sharing session, and review new suggested best practices

Review contributions and leverage knowledge sharing

Best practices submitted by developers are discussed one by one for validation. That’s how a workshop unleashes everyone’s expertise to benefit everyone. Find the most appropriate frequency that suits your team’s schedule (monthly, weekly, …).

Create best practices from submitted questions and topics

From a raised question, your discussions are likely to end up with creating together a new best practice. You can create several best practices during the workshop, from the source code it contains.

Coding practice created from question

Launch a battle to collectively choose a practice

If an practice does not achieve consensus in the team, a battle begins. Each member can then add his arguments for or against this practice and vote to implement it or not.

Increase your skills

Earn points when you contribute to a best practice associated with a skill! Highlight your current skills and the ones you want to address in the future. With this gamification system, you can get an overview of who have the highest score in a specific domain of knowledge so that they can be identified as experts in your organization.

Browse and retrieve practices from other teams

Break knowledge silos by discovering best practices created by others teams in your organization. During the workshop, you can discuss them together and decide to retrieve them on your own space. Reuse knowledge and stop re-inventing the wheel!

Discover our public Hub of practices!

The Hub is a public space to access and retrieve best practices from the Promyze community. Create your list of favorites practices and download them for you own Promyze.

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