If the summer period was busy, with the SaaS version of our tool and the redesign of our site, it was also the opportunity to participate in the new show La.Fresh.Tech produced by Studio Renegade.

This association produces programmes on a variety of themes (TV series, High Tech, electronics, code, cooking, debates, geek culture, etc.), and also video game streams. Composed of about twenty streammers covering almost as many programmes, including the unmissable daily “Morning Tech Review” at 7.30 am, this Bordeaux association organises several of its programmes in its studio, whose style and aestheticism, which reflects the universe of the project, can only be praised.

La.Fresh.Tech aims to give a spotlight to innovative and local start-ups (initially), by inviting them to come and present their activity and the products they offer. Our CEO Cédric had the honour of inaugurating this first podcast by presenting Promyze and its collaborative tool dedicated to source code improvement.

Several themes were addressed, from the history of the project, to the challenges taken up by the company, the life cycle of a start-up, and of course a live demonstration of the product. The sequence ended with questions asked by the Internet users present on Twitch, and of course the tech news of the moment!

We would like to thank Bertrand and Christophe and the whole of Studio Renegade for their welcome, and wish long life to this beautiful Bordeaux project !

The entire programme can be found online :


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