Manage your technical debt thanks to an agile and collective approach Manage your technical debt thanks to an agile and collective approach

Manage your technical debt thanks to an agile and collective approach

A solution focused on development teams to continuously improve its practices.

How does it work?

Personalized returns

They indicate to each developer the impact of their modifications on code quality and code coverage. 

Code modifications that improve or do not degrade the quality of the code are valued. 

If code defects are added, the developer is guided in understanding the practice that was not followed.

Intelligent support for taking action

Automatic action plans are periodically generated by Promyze, with objectives drawn from analyses of project activity. Emphasis is placed on recently modified files, which are often more relevant. With these action plans, the team knows what to do and how, which also leads to better management of the technical debt.

Personalized suggestions

Developers are more comfortable improving code with which they are familiar, to avoid the risk of introducing regressions. From the action plans, customized suggestions are notified for each developer, based on the files that are most often modified.

Healthy gamification

Additional emulation is available on demand. Based on playful principles (badges, level bars), gaming rooms bring users together in a positive spirit (everyone wins, no penalties). Game rounds are aligned with your project rhythm (iterations, sprints, …). 


Indicator follow-up

The attention paid by your teams to the quality of the code and the efforts made to achieve the action plans have a positive impact on the project’s quality indicators. Synthetic dashboards provide information on the evolution of these indicators to quickly observe this impact.

Generations of reports

You can at any time generate a summary in PDF format on the quality of the developments recently carried out in a team. The content is customizable and transparently reflects the efforts invested by the development team. These reports can be transmitted to the stakeholders of a project.

An integration as close as possible to your ecosystem

Synchronization with source code repositories

The connection to your source code managers (Git / SVN / Mercurial / TFS) allows you to follow the development activity of your teams as closely as possible. Automatic synchronizations are made by Promyze on repositories (and zero writing!).

An aggregation of your qualimetry tools

The interface with your static code analysis tools (SonarQube, Checkstyle, EsLint, Rubocop, ...) allows you to understand the impact of modifications on the source code. Promyze is agnostic of the languages and technologies used, and accesses data from the tools present in your ecosystem.

Secure access to your data

No outside access, you remain the sole masters of your data and the deployment of Promyze in your application ecosystem. The interface with your corporate directories (Azure Active Directory / Active Directory / OpenLDAP) allows you to control access to Promyze.

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