Improve the quality of your software developments by implementing a Clean Code approach in your teams

Are you a software designer? The quality of your source code is essential to take your business to its next stage of development.

Improve the quality of your software developments by implementing a Clean Code approach in your teams

Solid foundation to develop your software with peace of mind.

Clean Code
Technical debt
Confidence with the right tool

To stay one step ahead and not impact your Time2Market, a development team must keep its code in a good state of readability and understanding.

The architecture and design choices that are made today impact the ability to implement new solutions tomorrow. Uniform and consistent practices help to limit risks.

Prototype, MVP, Approved: software goes through different phases in its existence. What is the point of a MVP that works but that you can no longer touch or you will break everything?

If the technical debt is naturally present in a project, it is important to be aware of it and to know its impacts. The ability to make software evolve at any time is often linked to the level of technical debt in a project.

Promyze is the perfect tool to implement the Clean Code approach within your team.

By facilitating interactions and permanent exchanges on the quality of the product code, the team gains confidence in its ability to highlight problems and find solutions together.

The platform helps to define and disseminate good practices within your team. It allows a certain code quality to guarantee the future of your software.

Make your source code an asset for your company thanks to a strong team

Rituals to talk about code quality

Crafts Workshops are sessions dedicated to taking a step back from the product code and exchanging good development practices.

Held on a regular basis, the Workshops allow the team to establish a time of exchange in its operations to discuss the best practices to be implemented.

A centralised guide to good practice

The Workshops bring out the best practices to be applied to your project. These practices can be found in a shared repository accessible to all.

Best practices are documented throughout the project, which prevents the leakage of knowledge in case of turnover. This guide makes it easier to onboard new developers if your team grows!

Reinforced team cohesion

A team of developers is often a sum of profiles with different backgrounds and experiences. This team is responsible for the quality of the code it produces.

By regularly and freely discussing best practices on a regular basis, collective ownership of the code is strengthened. Sharing knowledge allows us to capitalise on each other's knowledge.

Promyze, the collaborative platform for defining and disseminating best practices between developers

To start a workshop, your team selects a few source code files that have recently evolved, depending on the workshop theme (a language or framework for example).
The team identifies areas for improvement and whether best practices have been followed. A collective retrospective will allow for exchange and assessment of the workshop.

Best practices can be collected in practice profiles. If the profile is public, it will be visible to the whole user community.
You can thus share your best practices, but also benefit from the profiles of other teams of developers present on the platform.

For each practice identified, examples are taken directly from the project source code during the workshops.

The team can select tangible examples and counter-examples to enrich the documentation of your practices and facilitate their understanding.


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