Raise your tailored coding standards

Improve engineers’ skills to leverage software quality, and reduce the mental load of sharing knowledge. Integrated in your IDE & Code review tools.

Discover AI Generative coding practices from your code.

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  • Create your own best practices
  • Share practices during workshops
  • Onboard new developers
  • Get automatic feedback on your code

Create your own best coding practices

Directly while coding or during a code review, identify your own best practices with Promyze IDE and Code Review plugins!

In your IDE

Select code & indicate if you think this follows or not a best practice

During code reviews

Directly from a comment, create technical knowledge for your team

Submit topics or questions

Ask questions or suggest discussions topics for the next workshop

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Share practices with your team during a Craft Workshop

Created best practices are explained to the whole team during this craft workshop. Boost the learning culture of your organization!

Review and validate best practices

Knowledge is shared as each practice is presented by the contributor and collectively approved

Discover practices from other teams

Browse and retrieve practices created by other teams in your company

Discover new practices outside your organization

On our public Hub, find new ideas from the Promyze community

Accelerate the onboarding of new developers

Reduce the time needed for a new developer to discover your best coding practices.
Value your knowledge base to create interactive learning challenges.

Select a topic

Architecture, Security, Performance, a framework, a language,... Select a subset of your best practices

Discovery workshops

Help new developers quickly discover those best practices with interactive challenges

Identify knowledge gap

They have to identify where best practices are followed or not in the code. Tech leaders can then explain the unknown or misunderstood practices

Follow your best practices while coding or reviewing code

Promyze supports Semgrep patterns and regular expressions to detect when best practices are followed or not.
Discover the Promyze CLI to identify practices in your code base, locally or in the CI/CD process.

You decide

Whether or not a best practice can be detected through syntactic recognition

The IDEs plugins prompts

Suggestions when it detects best practices not applied

The Code Review plugin decorates

The pull/merge request page and inserts code suggestions

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From fast-growing startups to established enterprises

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Install the Promyze plugins
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Made for engineering teams


Learn new coding practices from your team. Raise your technical skills. Get automated support to produce code compliant with standards.

Tech Leaders

Be more effective in sharing your coding practices. Increase teams' cohesion and interactions. Train developers more efficiently.

Engineering Managers, CTOs

Improve onboarding experience. Reduce churn. Boost productivity and software delivery. Break knowledge silos.

Unleash the power of knowledge sharing!

Break expertise silos between teams

Accelerate onboarding of new developers

Share expertise across your organization

Create an up-to-date knowledge base

Start connecting developers' knowledge with Promyze

Best coding practices shared from IDEs & Code reviews.

Promyze, the collaborative platform dedicated to improve developers’ skills through best practices sharing and definition.

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