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At Promyze, our Ph.d student, Corentin Latappy, led in late 2022 a research work involving teams from the LaBRI (Bordeaux, France), Montpellier University, and IMT Mines Ales (both also in France). This work resulted in a scientific paper entitled “MLinter: Learning Coding Practices from Examples—Dream or Reality?”, to be published in the SANER 2023 conference...


Originally published on February 7, 2023. Edited on March 6, 2023. Here at Promyze, we’re big into sharing knowledge. We regularly publish best coding practices in this blog and host webinars. More recently, we released bestcodingpractices.dev, an open, resourceful place where you can discover best coding practices. Today, we’re open-sourcing a (non-exhaustive) list of 42+...

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